Hyaluronate Gel Deeper for Cheek Enhancement

Singfiller® is a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate acid, which derived from fermentation and this product can only be used in the legally approved medical institution by qualified doctors in this field.

Hyaluronate gel deeper for cheek enhancement(Singfiller®)

1.What is Singfiller® deeper








4.When should consider Singfiller® deeper?

This product is mainly used in deep facial wrinkle and folds(cheek filing or remove lines on the neck and nose up)

5.How to use Singfiller® deeper?


For details, please check the manual.

6.Therapeutic efficacy


7.Important Safety Information

·Singfiller® is only intended for use as an intradermal implant.

·Singfiller® can only be used in the legally approved medical institution by qualified doctorsd. 

·Do not inject intravascularly. As for other injectable medical devices, inadvertent injection into blood vessels could potentially lead to vascular occlusion, ischemia and necrosis. Aspiration prior to injection is recommended.

·If blanching is observed, i.e, the overlying skin turns a whitish color, the injection should be stopped at once and the area massaged until it returns to a normal color.

·Do not use in patients with bleeding disorders or in patients who are taking thrombolytics or anticoagulants.

·Do not resterilizesingfiller

·Do not mix with other products prior to injection of the device.

8.Why choose Singfiller®?

Immediate and long-lasting effects ;

High viscosity for a great filling capacity and optimized elasticity for modeling and a natural

Aesthetic look

Easy to inject .homogenous and smooth for optimal control and comfort throughout the injection