FSH Menopause Test Cassette

FSH Test is a rapid qualitative test for detect FSH in human urine specimen. Self-detection of ovarian function, diagnosis of menopause.

Rapid FSH Menopause Test Cassette

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Item No.






Kit Size

25T, 50T

Strip Width

3.0mm, 4.0mm


Read result within 3-5min




100% specificity - no cross reaction with LH


Overall accuracy of 99%

Regulation Status

ISO, CE0123, FSC


1000pcs in Singclean Brand


The onset of perimenopause is caused by changes in the levels of hormones in the female body that regulate the menstrual cycle. As the body produces less and less estrogen, it increases its production of FSH, which normally regulates the development of a female's eggs. Therefore, testing for FSH can help determine whether a woman is in the perimenopause stage.

Intended use

The FSH Rapid Test Device is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in urine to aid in the detection of menopause.

Test Procedure for Menopause Test Cassette


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  1. A variety of design specifications suitable for self-testing use and for professional use

  2. Simple to use, fewer procedural errors

  3. Ready to use, no need for additional equipment

  4. Easy to read and interpret

  5. Results in 3 to 5 minutes

  6. Store in room temperature (2°-30°C) DO NOT FREEZES.

  7. 24 months shelf life




From the reality, many people think that menopause refers to menopause. In fact, this is two medical concepts with completely different meanings. Menopause refers to a period of transition from the beginning of a decline in gonadal function to complete loss; while menopause simply means that menstruation does not work. Before the menopause, there has been a stage of gradual decline of the ovary. According to the survey, about 2 to 4 years, different people have different lengths, called premenopausal.

Psychotic symptoms:

Excitatory, emotionally irritable, irritating, insomnia, inattention, multilingual, crying, etc.

Depressive, irritability, anxiety, inner anxiety, memory loss, slowness of movement, depression, etc.

Vasomotor symptoms, flushing hot flashes are characteristic symptoms of women after menopause, and 82% of patients can survive this symptom for one year.


1. Wear a few more layers of clothing, preferably cotton products inside.

2. Wear cotton pajamas to keep the bedroom cool.

3. Pay attention to diet, don't drink alcohol, and don't eat spicy food.

4. Stick to exercise.

5. Eat more tofu.

6. Be patient.

7. Treat vaginal dryness.

Daily attention

1. In the midst of busy and busy work, female friends should take more time to care for their body and do a gynecological examination every year.

2. In the spirit, to maintain an optimistic state, often smiling or even laughing, this is a whole-hearted decompression agent, which can help alleviate anxiety, tension and stress.

3. Eating and sleeping should be done step by step.

4. In life habits, it is necessary to insist on regular intake of fish, shrimp and other foods, exercise regularly, and promote healthy and beneficial lifestyles, especially in public places, families to quit smoking, and to prevent passive smoking.

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