Singfiller Anti-Wrinkle Injection Hyaluronic Acid Cosmetic

Date:Sep 12, 2017

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Singfiller Hyaluornic Acid injection for Skin care

Singfiller Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler Profile

Singfiller? is a sodium hyaluronate acid, which derived from fermentation, and cross-linked with 1,4butyl glycol two glycidyl ether (BDDE) in alkaline conditions, after a series of neutralization, dialysis to generate this product. And this product is limited to be used in the national formally approved medical establishment and related professional doctor with qualification, according to different parts of the organization, to choose different types of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel and be in strict accordance with the requirements of the package insert.



1. Non-animal suorce hyaluronic acid

2.Low toxicity& rare side effects

3.Strong anti-degradation capacity&stability

4.Natural result


Composition20mg/ml(HA)20mg/ml(HA)20mg/ml(HA)20mg/ml(HA)20mg/ml(HA)24mg/ml, 0.3% lidocaine
Cross AgentBDDEDVS
Particial Size0.10~0.15mm0.15~0.28mm0.28~0.5mm0.5~1.25mm1.25~2.0mm/
Recommended indicationsThin superficial lines (crow's-feet,Frown lines, forhead wrinkles)Moderate wrinkle( lip filling and moderate lines around the lip, like cheilogramma.)Deep facial wrinkle and folds (the lines around the nose, like nasolabial folds)Deep facial wrinkle and folds  (cheek filing or remove lines on the neck ans nose up)The local depression,soft tissue filler and breast enhance(Breast or Hip agumentation )Anti Wrinkle and volume filling, like lip filling and remove nasolabial folds
Volume of Syringe1ml,2ml,2*1ml,10ml,20ml
Duration6-12months6-12months6-12months9-12months9-12monthsmore than 12 months
Syringe1.0PRTC 30G/2.25PRTC 27G1.0PRTC 30G/2.25PRTC 27G1.0PRTC 27G/2.25PRTC 26G1.0PRTC 26G/2.25PRTC 26G/1.0PRTC,27G

Treatment with SINGFILLER dermal filler


Company profile

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., established in March 2003 with registered capital of 80,000,000 RMB, is a national high and new technology enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of medical biomaterials. With well-qualified staff, thorough quality management system and first-class facilities, the company ensures the continuous production of medical devices and drug injection products of Class III that confirm to the laws and regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and EU MDD.

The company's plant in Xiasha covers an area of 13,000 m2 with the construction area of 17,000 m2 and producing  tract of 13,200 m2 including cleanrooms of 2,300 m2 in which cleanroom of Class C covers 2,000 m2 and that of Class B covers 300 m2 with over 60 m2 of which follows into Class A. A new cleanroom up to GMP standard was set up in this plant, and the Pharmaceutical Production License was obtained in 2012. it will produce all kinds of medical equipment and medical 10 million sets, production value 2 billion, In addition, the plant has introduced more production facilities such as the Invoa filling machine from Germany, the sterilizer from GETINGE, the semiautomatic filling and sealing equipment from Pluemat, 5T / h purified water machine, 3T / h water for injection machine, and1T / h of pure steam generator.

Packing & Shipment:

* OEM, OBM is available.

* Packing Details: 1ml, 2ml, 10ml syringe or vial with 20ml or more.

* Shipping method: UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL, EMS etc.


1.What is hyaluronic acid

Naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid maintains its hydration levels and contributes to its tone. It is a potent moisturising agent with a capacity to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water. The amount of hyaluronic acid in the dermis gradually decreases with age. As a result, the skin becomes dry and fragile and the first wrinkles appear. When it is injected into the dermis.


2.What can hyaluronic acid correct and improve

It can be used to:- Fill fine lines, moderately marked wrinkles and deep wrinkles- Repair skin creases- Resculpt the cheekbones and soften the contours of the face- Increase and reshape lip volume and contour, at the same time moisturising lips and eliminating fine lines around them- Revitalise and intensively rehydrate- Prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, even in the most delicate areas, such as the neck or neckline- Fill all zones of the face (periocular zone, crow's feet, tear troughs, cheeks, etc.) that have hollowed out.


3.What happens during a hyaluronic acid injection session and how long does it last

Depending on the product injected, the session lasts an average of 20 minutes (injection of a zone + massage of the zone injected)During the injection session, your doctor will inject you with Hyaluronic Acid in gel form using a syringe. The injection is shallow, only penetrating a few millimetres.


4.What is the difference between botox and hyaluronic acid

Although both these products are used to treat wrinkles, they are completely different in terms of both their composition and action. Botox does not actually treat the wrinkle itself. Botox is a toxic product (botulinum toxin) that paralyses the muscles into which it is injected. By paralysing the muscle expressions are reduced and by reducing expressions, expression lines can be avoided. Botox is therefore a preventive method.Hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible gel that is injected under the skin into the wrinkle, to fill it. With Hyaluronic acid, the existing wrinkle is therefore treated directly.The only thing the two products have in common is that they are resorbed over time and, therefore, injections have to be repeated periodically, every 6 to 10 months for a botox injection or  every 12 to 18 months for a hyaluronate acid injection.


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