Osteoarthris Pain Relief-Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Osteoarthris Pain Relief-Hyaluronic Acid Injection

SingJoint® • Biofermentation • High Purity • High Viscoelasticity • High Biocompatibility • Lure-lock protect cap • Sold > 150,000 pcs • No Adverse Reaction Yet • Made with European Standards: • INOVA filling machine; Clean Room ISO 7 Efficacy •Lubricates, covers the barrier, reduces...




High Purity 

High Viscoelasticity

High Biocompatibility 

Lure-lock protect cap 

Sold > 150,000 pcs 

No Adverse Reaction Yet

Made with European Standards:

INOVA filling machine; Clean Room ISO 7



•Lubricates, covers the barrier, reduces mechanical stress and inhibits the inflammatory response in the articular cavity

•Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by synovial membrane

•Alleviates arthralgia, increases the range of mobility and delays the development of the disease


•Convenient, Effective and Safe

•Therapeutic efficiency Improvement

•Delays the knee replacement 

•More Competitive Price 

•Biological fermentation allows no allergic reactions  

•High stability

•Increased viscosity; the similar effect as the human joint cavity lubricant

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