Dermal Filler Do You Really Use It Right?

Dermal Filler Do You Really Use It Right?

Date:Dec 22, 2016

Dermal filler is the more popular and more materials for repair of facial aging, but a lot of people didn't know much about it, so use the effect is not very ideal. As explained below, what is a dermal filler? what is the difference with Botox? used dermal filler which errors should be avoided?

Myth # 1: "Botox is a dermal filler. ”

Botulinum toxin injection material is also very popular, and many beauty will leave it covered in dermal filler. In fact, Botox is a drug, and skin fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen belonging to medical equipment, drugs and medical equipment are two different categories! United States California dermatologist JacquelineCalkin come from explained botulinum toxin effects: "their smoothes wrinkles caused by facial muscle activity, cannot be filled or stimulate collagen facial volume Renaissance. ”

Myth # 2: "the remainder of the dermal filler cannot be used to fill other positions. ”

If a dermal filler, time runs out, the remaining can be used to embellish small parts. However need to remember is that the rest of the filler is not for others to use.

Myth 3: "injecting dermal filler, unable to achieve a natural lip effect. ”

Many of the beauty not used dermal filler lip, worry that the effect will be dramatic. The doctor explained: "fill too much is due to the injection of medical technology is not fine. The upper and lower lips are dermal filler injections. Adopt a conservative approach shot, there was no ' duck lips ' consequences. ”

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