Early Pregnancy Test Strips

Early Pregnancy Test Strips

Date:Jan 06, 2017

Early pregnancy test strips are a convenient pregnant women testing themselves are designed product. Early pregnancy tests to detect: urine drops in the bottom of the test hole, such as a colored band appears in the bottom of the control area (some test on the red, some strips of blue), negative, is not pregnant; Conversely, apparent color band in the detection area, indicates that positive and already pregnant.

Early pregnancy tests can only be used as a primary screening inspection, false-positive or false-negative.

Immunochromatography detection reagent double antibody sandwich Elisa method, make HCG test, determination of HCG in urine specimen for 3 minutes. Detection Shi, dang was check urine sample siphon through colloidal gold mark antibody Shi, formed Antigen antibody colloidal gold composite real, composite real continues to crawling, through package was of anti--HCG Alpha subunit Mcab Shi, formed double antibody sandwich colloidal gold composite real, in package was line at rendering color with, excess of colloidal gold antibody continues to crawling, and sheep anti-rat control line formed colloidal gold immune composite real, rendering color with. HCG by colloidal gold test kit by double antibody sandwich one-step technology with colloidal gold for directional signs, detection of HCG in the urine concentration, to confirm whether a woman is pregnant. Test on the reliability index is to assist the clinical determination of pregnancy.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a glycoprotein produced by the placenta in pregnant women hormones, early pregnancy test by double antibody sandwich a footwork technique, based on colloidal gold for signs, detection of HCG in the urine concentration, to confirm the diagnosis and whether women become pregnant.

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