Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care

Date:Dec 22, 2016

Transparent quality acid originally on exists Yu skin within, can help skin from body and the skin surface sucking have water, also can enhanced skin long time of insurance water capacity. Dang transparent quality acid absorption water Hou, makes stretch fiber and the collagen protein in full wet of environment in the, skin so has has elastic. but, skin of transparent quality acid from 25 age yihou on began loss, 30 age Shi only left infant period 65%, and 60 age Shi only left 25%, skin of water also will followed transparent quality acid and lost, lost elastic and gloss, Wrinkles of aging over time will occur.

Moisturizing and barrier is skin care of double mission, real high quality of transparent quality acid must is macromolecules and small molecular transparent quality acid of organic combined, macromolecules transparent quality acid (tens of thousands of to hundreds of thousands of Dalton) cannot penetrating skin, but can in skin surface formed a layer breathable of film, makes skin smooth wet, and can barrier foreign bacteria, and dust, and UV of invaded, protection skin from by against; small molecular transparent quality acid (low to 1000 molecular volume of nano transparent quality acid HA800,OCO small molecular can easily penetrating skin) Has anti-inflammatory, resist bacteria and keep skin smooth; can penetrate the skin, synthetic skin endogenous hyaluronic acid molecules to achieve water conservation function; provide appropriate places for cell proliferation and differentiation, direct for the reconstruction and repair of cell growth, differentiation, and so on.

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