Identifying True Sodium Hyaluronate Products On The Market

Identifying True Sodium Hyaluronate Products On The Market

Date:Dec 22, 2016

Identification of the steps:

The first step: squeeze a drop of a glue-like substance from needles, placed in the white paper. If there is infiltration of oil Corona spread, then this thing is certainly not hyaluronic acid, it must be a silicone oil, or paraffin oil or something. this material, which is expressly prohibited by law.

Second step: If is formed water infiltration Halo diffusion, he may is transparent quality acid, and Ogilvy set (or British Czech, method Le), and cellulose or collagen protein. then, need further identification! identification method is: take a drops transparent quality acid put in left Palm Shang, then with right hand shows refers to refers to abdominal repeatedly touch, a few minutes Bell Hou stay water most volatile off Hou, after finger touch or eye observation, visible left of residues in the has sand-like Crystal particles exists, besides no any other things, that this is make joint of transparent quality acid, Essential hyaluronic acid can be confirmed to be true, you can use.

Third species identification method: put extrusion of products, put in plane glass Shang, next day again observation. results, after a night of water volatile, glass Shang residues of has type components for analysis. If these residues of are is has type components, like "ice sand" particles particles stacked up of like, that must is transparent quality acid. If is "crispy rice-like not not transparent scabs, General is Ogilvy set; ' If it is a soft pale yellow soft film, typically cellulose. If not volatile oils must be silicone oil or paraffin oil, if nothing remains, is likely to be non-cross linked hyaluronic acid!

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