Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

Date:Jan 06, 2017

Medical sodium hyaluronate gel, sodium hyaluronic acid (also known as sodium hyaluronate) is a glycosaminoglycan, biomedical, biomaterials, functional foods and cosmetics fields widely used.

Sodium hyaluronate found so far, nearly 80 years of history, as early as 1934, Meyer and Palmer from bovine vitreous (hyaloid body) isolated a uronic acid-containing (uronic acid) and polysaccharide of hexosamine, named "hyaluronic acid". The term "hyaloid" (transparent, glass-like) and "uronic acid" combination, and the bio-chemical terms translated as "hyaluronic acid", the pharmacopoeia of drugs and the national drug standards is known as "acid." In physiological neutral environments, hyaluronic acid is a polyanionic. In 1985, the term Balazs, Hyaluronan is recommended to harmonize naming the substance, reason, which is the essence of a carbohydrate, should follow the naming convention to name the glycosaminoglycan, which uses the suffix an said. 

"Hyaluronan" has been widely covered any State of hyaluronic acid and its salts (hyaluronate), usually translated as "hyaluronic acid", abbreviated as HA. At present, drugs size of HA products often referred to as "sodium hyaluronate injection", and the weapon size HA products called medical sodium hyaluronate gel. Early in in the late 1970 of the 20th century, United States first development out can for human clinical of first a the material of products, given the products is for eye micro surgery--cataract surgery, its main function is clinical doctor as eye micro surgery of surgery pad, up temporary support surgery space with, convenient surgery smooth implementation, so to devices approval and listed sales, then this products in Orthopedic, and surgical have came out, are to devices paper, listed sales. Therefore, the United States FDA found the substance for medical devices.

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