Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Considerations

Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Considerations

Date:Jan 06, 2017

This product is a sterile, pyrogen-free products should be strict aseptic technique, for one-time use.

Must be used under adequate hemostasis, otherwise it will reduce adhesion prevention effect.

Applies only to wound surface coating, no intravenous.

This product may not be diluted.

This product is not contact with cationic compounds containing dodecyl, so as to avoid pollution.

Damaged packaging, prohibited.

Contraindication and warning 

This product is highly sensitive and highly sensitive to protein of birds must not be used in patients with.

Long time using the product easy to produce sensitization in the event, deactivated immediately, and consult your physician.

To avoid cross infection, wound healing gel a L.A.M IPS one patient use only.

Avoid direct contact with the wound and the container of this product.

Do not use after the validity period.

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