Singclean Medical Is Committed To Caring For The Elderly And Giving Back To The Community

Singclean Medical Is Committed To Caring For The Elderly And Giving Back To The Community

Date:Nov 02, 2020

At Singclean, we sincerely believe helping others is the first step to make the world a better place and we are also committed to giving back to the community. Our Community Investment Programs focus on two main areas: children education and life quality improvement of the elderly and local community.


On October 23, just two days before Double Ninth Festival (the 9th day of the 9th Chinese lunar month) which is also known as the Senior Citizens' Festival, employees of Singclean Medical brought bottles of cooking oil and bags of rice to the elderly living in the six communities around the company, like Blue Rivershore Community, Ithaca Community and Songdu Chenguang International Community. Also, any employee who has a parent over 60 got one bottle of cooking oil and two bags of rice as a gift for the old in the family.


The Senior Citizens' Festival is to show respect to the old and to care, love, and help the old. Singclean Medical, being a corporate citizen, is also committed to caring for the elderly and giving back to the community. And this tradition of cooking oil and rice giving has been carried on for 17 years since Singclean’s establishment. Cooking oil and rice stand for “you and me”, which shares a similar pronunciation with the oil and rice in Chinese, and this emphasizes our commitment to the elderly caring service.

We are trying our best to help build a beautiful, age-friendly society and improve the global health care through our medical products and non-medical service.

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