Singfiller® and Singderm® Will Be Launched in Kuwait

Singfiller® and Singderm® Will Be Launched in Kuwait

Date:Feb 14, 2020

Singclean Medical had a successful week at Arab Health 2020, which is one of the largest medical exhibitions in the world. Our pioneering products, including dermal fillers, hemostatic gauze and IVD test sets had drawn great attention of visitors.



Picture with visitors

And we are so glad to announce that Singclean Medical’s dermal fillers, Singfiller® and Singderm®, will be launched soon in Kuwait.


Signing Exclusive Distribution Agreement 

Singclean Medical always puts patients in the first place and product quality is ensured through the whole process from production, transportation and after-service, which leads to high customer satisfaction! In 2020, we will attend more medical gatherings. Hope to see you there and achieve success together!

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