Breaking News! Singfiller Available In Poland!

Breaking News! Singfiller Available In Poland!

Date:Oct 25, 2017



As a part of  Singclean global expansion strategy of Singfiller brand we proudly announce to launch Singfiller on the Polish market  from October 2017.



    This International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging is among largest meetings of physicians and key experts in the aesthetic medicine industry and exhibitors of products applied in aesthetic medicine.

    The three-day event, organized annually, gave a great opportunity to meet outstanding scientists and practitioners from around the world working for the development of this branch of medicine. This is the greatest such congress in Central Europe.

   As part of the congress, 77 exhibitors representing domestic and foreign companies presented their products. One of them, Medical Expert S.A. - our exclusive distributor in Poland, was pleased to present the Singfiller products for countrywide distribution as a part of the Singclean expansion to the European market.



We invite all Polish customers to try our Singfiller products!


For enquiries please contact

our authorised Distributor

Medical  Expert S.A.

and visit local product website




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