Type Of Hyaluronic Acid

Type Of Hyaluronic Acid

Date:Dec 22, 2016

Hyaluronic acid production process and technology determines the quality difference, so used must be properly source products can have on the efficacy of treatment. in General, refined in three ways:

1, and animal organization: main raw materials is comb and cattle eye vitreous,. with acetone or ethanol will raw materials skim, and dehydration, with distilled water soaking, and filter, then to sodium chloride water solution and chloroform solution processing, zhihou joined trypsin insulation Hou get mixed liquid, last with ion exchange agent for processing, and purification get refined of transparent quality acid. this method extraction rate very low, only 1% around, separation process complex, led transparent quality acid price expensive, up 5000 dollars/kg, limit has in cosmetics in the big of volume using.

2, and microbial fermentation: to glucose as carbon source fermentation liquid. in medium in the fermentation 48 hours, fermentation end Hou, filter removed mycelium and impurities, then with alcohol precipitation method, simple operation that get high purity of product. used fermentation method manufacturing of transparent quality acid, advantages is can by commodity design to set molecular volume size. fermentation method of key is strains of select, more selection hammer bacteria, and lactic acid ball fungus,.

3, and chemical synthesis: used natural enzyme aggregate reaction; first using polysaccharide class polymer synthesis "transparent quality acid oxygen nitrogen miscellaneous ring e en derivatives", then added water decomposition enzyme, manufacturing out derivatives and enzyme of composite body, last in 90 degrees Celsius reaction liquid in the clear which of enzyme, on synthesis has transparent quality acid. used artificial synthesis method can greatly reduced transparent quality acid of manufacturing cost, but structure more not pure.

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